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Gay L. A.: A History of Sexual Outlaws, Power Politics, and Lipstick Lesbians
Lillian Faderman, Stuart Timmons
The Burning Plain
Michael Nava
The World Turned: Essays on Gay History, Politics, and Culture
John D'Emilio
Man's World
Rupert Smith
Sexual Politics, Sexual Communities
John D'Emilio
Making Trouble: Essays on Gay History, Politics, and the University
John D'Emilio
Flesh and the Word: 2an Anthology
John Preston, Leigh Rutledge, Aaron Travis, Pat Califia
Created Equal: Why Gay Rights Matter to America
Michael Nava, Robert Dawidoff

Royal Flush (Handcuffs and Lace)

Royal Flush - Sean Michael This is the first Sean Michaels book that didn't leave me feeling ripped off or mislead by the blurb in a long time. This author usually promises more than the actual delivery. Actual character development would have been nice. Suspended disbelief for insta-love, how someone longs for another for three years then finds him just when he's at his lowest, and why any law enforcement agency would require such a piercing. Minus a star for recycled shaving scene that seems to be on a loop for Michaels. Torrid D/s short.